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Type of Services

Same day Delivery

Same day delivery service is a service that could help you on sending your parcel or document to the destination you have set within the same day, which available at Klang Valley city area, including KL City, Cheras, Petaling Jaya, Subang Jaya, Shah Alam. With Same Day Delivery service, you will be ease on dealing with the problem of customer asking how many days it will reach to client’s doorstep, because our Same day delivery service will get your parcel or document sent on the same day we pick up the parcel or document from you.


Urgent Delivery Service

In a rush on sending documents or parcels to your client within Klang Valley city areas? We are ready to help!!! Your documents or parcels will be delivered on the same day before working hours end.

Being responsible is our passion on keeping our good work done.

Stamping Delivery

Wasting a lot of time on getting the Stamping document done at LHDN by queuing up at LHDN?

No worries, Carrier M8 got you covered. Our riders are well-experienced on doing stamping job and be able to return the stamping document to you on the same day. The best thing of our stamping service is we are not charging extra fees on the trip for returning the stamping document to you.

Corporate Delivery Service

Hiring your own riders might sound awesome and troublesome at the same time. Although you have full-control on the rider you are hiring, but the trouble that give you headache that even Panadol couldn’t cure is you have to deal with the riders’ irresponsible action such as Missing in Action, couldn’t contact with the rider when there’s ton of document waiting to be delivered, not taking good care of the document or parcels, heavily delaying the jobs that need to be done on the day.

With Corporate Delivery Service, you only need to subscribe to our monthly plan to get the quality dispatch service provided by us, and we will handle all the potential problems that we mentioned above for you and you just need to sit back and place order to us.

When you have subscribed to our Corporate Delivery service, you are not hiring a rider to assist on your daily dispatch service need, you are hiring a company with multiple riders to ease your pain on dispatch service. With our service, you no need to worry about the problem of different riders you have to meet everyday and start briefing the job to them every single time when you met the new riders. Different from some famous Supply-Demand, we are only hiring Full-Time staff to get your same day delivery done,which means the faces of riders you meet everyday will be the same. No Freelancer or Part-timer riders will be hired in our company. And of course our serving area is including Klang Valley’s city areas, such as KL City, Cheras, Petaling Jaya, Subang Jaya, Shah Alam.